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"I started working with Juleen Chiaradonna in June of 2015. I found her  because I was looking for a clinician who specialized in mood          disorders and personality disorders, having been previously                   diagnosed on multiple occasions with both (including Narcissitic            Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder).  I also          started seeing Juleen because of difficulties I was having with one         specific relationship. I saw this relationship as special, despite               everyone else seeing it as dysfunctional and unhealthy.                           


Juleen not only helped me deal with my personality and mood                 disorders – a feat that had not seen much success from any of my         previous clinicians, medications, or hospitalizations – but I now have     claimed so much victory over them that I don’t even consider them a     problem for me. Juleen’s unique UNshrinking perspective helped me    by showing me that the way to handle my “problems” by not seeing       them as such. She helped me depathologize my “issues,” and just          accept them as a part of who I am, and reshape how I feel about them  so that I could live life more effectively and happily. She helped me put my mood swings and perceived irrational feelings into a context that I could use productively and purposefully.


In terms of my turbulent relationship, she showed me (over time) how I was part of a “twin” relationship with my one true soul mate. She validated what I had always felt about how we were meant to be together, and encouraged me to trust in it completely and consider anything that may be seen as a setback as just a part of the process of both of us becoming who we needed to be before joining together. We now have an amazing and healthy relationship, and are soon to be married.

My work with Juleen was life-transforming for me in more ways than one, and I strongly recommend working with her in order to manage a variety of aspects of life better."

~Former Client/Name Withhheld

"I started seeing Juleen in August of 2016 to help find the truth of myself and fix my emotional, familial, and personal conflicts. I had been searching for someone experienced in delivering services like therapy and life coaching, but I wanted someone rare, who would deliver to me a true and honest experience unlike those that I had gotten from other therapy professionals. I wanted someone who would pull the veil from my eyes and help me see my flaws, my truths, and my own shining strengths, then help me learn to open up fully to my truest self. 


After my first time meeting her I knew she was the person I had been searching for for years, and I committed myself to fully embracing her teachings, and being fully honest with her and with myself, and I noticed immediate and dramatic shifts in all aspects of my life. With her encouragement and guidance I have learned how to both take control of my life, as well as surrender myself to it completely, and when I stumble or find difficulty, she knows how to help me find my own problems, and then show me I already have the tools to fix them. 


Juleen has helped me to see that all problems in my life are solvable. That many of them are of my own making, and through awareness I can end my own suffering, and those that are not of my personal origin are often times the cause of a misinterpretation, or a miscommunication. I have never felt so empowered in my life, and so at peace with the flow of the energy in the universe!


If you are seeking someone unique, and are willing to put in the work you need to in order to create powerful shifts in your life, then look no further than Juleen! Her years of experience and deep connection to the flow of energy in the universe will help bring about your evolution into your most authentic self!



Juleen Chiaradonna is a very empathetic and effective therapist who has helped and continues to help our daughter, who suffers from severe anxiety.  Juleen has not only helped our daughter to recognize the root of her issues, but also continues to provide her with tools and suggestions to overcome them.  In our experience, Juleen goes above and beyond to help her clients succeed.

~Former Client/Name Withheld


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